Photographer: Maciek Nabradalik

The EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment was launched today at Norway House in Brussels. 

Through the Fund, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway will work to identify and develop measures that work, and that others can copy. With a total of EUR 60.6 million over a period of seven years, we aim to support transnational project initiatives that promote sustainable and quality youth employment.

The purpose of the fund is to finance pilot projects that help young people find employment as well as to transfer measures that work in one country to others. Funding has also been set aside for research on why some measures have a greater effect than others.

Entities in the 15 beneficiary countries of the EEA and Norway Grants and Ireland, Italy and Spain are eligible for funding. At least two countries must cooperate when submitting proposals for projects. Institutions and organisations in the three donor countries and other EU member countries may participate in the projects as expertise partners, sharing their expertise, experience and know-how.

The deadline for applications is 1 August. 


The Call for Proposals can be downloaded here.