Project: Promoting the Bilateral Relations and Analyzing the Icelandic Model for Prevention

Fund for Bilateral Relations at National Level under the EEA FM and NFM 2009-2014


Priority 1: Knowledge exchange in combating drugs and organized crime among, children and youth at risk.

Projecttitle: „Promoting the Bilateral Relations and Analyzing the Icelandic Model for Prevention“

Beneficiary: Association “Sustainability of Progressive and Open Communication"

Project partner/s:

Partner 1.The Directorate of Health, Iceland

Partner 2. Icelandic Center for Social Research and Analysis (ICSRA), Reykjavik University;

Total project budget: 28 670,64  EUR

Project duration: 12.06.2015-11.02.2016

Project objective:

The main objective of the project is to exchange knowledge between Bulgaria and Iceland in the fight against drugs and organized crime.


Specific objectives:

Using the knowledge and experience of the donors, the project’s emphasis is put on the Icelandic model and the exchange of practices between experts;

Study the correlation between youth drug abuse and juvenile delinquency;

Adaptation of the Icelandic model in the Bulgarian environment;

To add value to the bilateral cooperation through new institutional partnerships between organizations.


Brief project description:

Conducting a study and an analysis of best working European practices and developing comprehensive programs for the drug prevention is necessary. The Icelandic model has achieved high results in the areas of prevention and has lowered several times the levels of use of psychoactive substances among children and adolescents, along with the accompanying risk and criminal behavior. Good Icelandic prevention practices are the basis for the selection of partners for this project. The two partner organizations and their experts will acquaint us with the essence of the model programs and methodologies that have led to the great success of Iceland in the prevention of drug abuse among the young people. Bilateral cooperation between Bulgaria and Iceland will contribute to the objectives of the project - qualitative success in the prevention and fight against drugs and organized crime among children at risk.

The project includes the following activities:

 Study on the correlation between the children and young people using drugs and juvenile delinquency - Survey of inspectors of Children Pedagogical room, local committees and regional inspectorates for information on the proportion of children and young people who regularly use narcotic substances. Comparative analysis of the data and information collected from Bulgaria and Iceland;

Work meetings for introduction with the Icelandic model and exchange of practices - Working visit of three experts from SPOC in Iceland. The aim is to be studied Icelandic model, which led to a drastic reduction in the levels of use and abuse of psychoactive substances among adolescents and young adults in Iceland. Exchange of ideas and paradigms, and possible actions to strengthen bilateral cooperation between Bulgaria and Iceland;

 Adaptation of the Icelandic model - Displaying the main ideas, nature and methods used in the model and their transposition to Bulgarian socio-cultural conditions.;

Joint Conference- Conducting of conferences with the presence of two expert of the partners to discuss and disseminate best practices and approaches, in particular the Icelandic model and its adaptation in Bulgarian reality to improve outcomes for the prevention of drug use;

Joint training seminar- Seminar training for experts and professionals working in the field of addiction prevention and counseling for children and young people to raise the level of professional competence through developing a training model for primary prevention of addictions based on the Icelandic model.;

Promotional and informational activities to strengthen bilateral relations - Strengthening of the bilateral relations between Bulgaria and Iceland in particular between the three organizations. Creating sustainability in partnership relations. Establishment of networking and bilateral cooperation with different stakeholders in the two countries.

Expected project results:


Starting point and basis for the development of an adaptation of the Icelandic model to Bulgarian conditions with preservation and incorporation of best prevention practices and models for prevention

Explored Icelandic model

Developed  model for primary prevention of addictions based on the Icelandic model;

Developed and printed educational materials

Discuss best practices used in Iceland in the field of prevention of drug use among children and youth;

Presented results of the adapted pilot model and the results achieved within the project;

Strengthened bilateral relations between the countries;

Further application of newly acquired skills and knowledge, preparation of experts who will serve as multipliers and peers through the forms of internal organizational skills


Contact information:

President: Albena Dimitrova Drobachka; mobile: +359876772002; e-mail:;