Project: Beyond Boundaries of Prejudices

Fund for Bilateral Relations at National Level under the

EEA FM and NFM 2009-2014


Priority 2: Promotion of European values and in particular history teaching in multicultural society

Projectname: Beyond Boundaries of Prejudices

Beneficiary: National Association of the Bulgarian European Clubs - NABEC

Project partners:1. Solvang Skole, Norway

2. Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty of Education

Total project budget:28633,85 EUR

Project duration: 06.07.2015 – 05.07.2016

Project objective: To create innovative pedagogical practices in Bulgaria to achieve good results of formal and non-formal education in European values, in order to achieve intercultural understanding and communication in a multicultural environment, building up the Norwegian experience.

Short project description:

The project activities are addressed to building a continuing partnership of teachers, researchers and educational experts from Norway and Bulgaria to work on improving the training of students in understanding and acceptance of European values as a norm of behavior in a multicultural environment.

The activities implement on the basis of the existing structure of the national network of school European clubs - National Association of the Bulgarian European Clubs - NABEC - in all regions of the country. In partnership with Norwegian schools is carried out international exchange of effective solutions to local, regional, national and European levels for the promotion of European values and intercultural understanding in a multicultural environment.

It is planned to hold a two-day workshop in November 2015 entitled: "Breaking stereotypes in education", a two-day conference in April 2016 on the topic "Promotion of European values through intercultural education and communication" and the multiplication of the Norwegian practice in the non-formal learning of school European clubs in cities of the country, organizing various forums - meetings, round tables, workshops and etc. in April - June 2016.

Good pedagogical ideas and practices for training and education in European values to achieve intercultural interaction will be printed in a collection: "Beyond Boundaries of Prejudice."



Expected project results:

Project work will increase the competence of teachers in different disciplines in the field of intercultural training and education in European values and promotes its application in formal and non-formal learning in schools in Bulgaria.

It will create continuing partnership of teachers from Norway and Bulgaria in the field of upbringing in European values and strengthen the intercultural competence of teachers in different disciplines to include intercultural education in formal and non-formal learning in Bulgarian schools.

Contact information:

Krasimira Vasileva, PhD,, +359 889823024,