Predefined project: Extension of the communication infrastructure of Ministry of Interior

Name of the Project: Extension of the communication infrastructure of MoI

Contract signed: № 812108-24/02.10.2014

The project will be implemented by the Communication and information systems Directorate - Ministry of Interior (MoI).

The budget of the project comes to 2 575 740, 00 Euro, 386 361, 00 Euro of which are national co-financing. The project shall be implemented up to 30.04.2016. 

Objective of the project: Development and improvement of structures, systems and technical equipment in order to improve the implementation of the Schengen acquis, as well as strengthening of the cooperation between the police in the Schengen Member States.

The objective will be achieved through construction of a TETRA network along the border with Greece.

Main activities:

- Preliminary design of the TETRA network along the border with Greece.

- Delivery of Tetra Base Stations in TETRA standard, radio relay equipment and licenses.

- Delivery and installation of software to control and monitor the transfer environment.

- Integration into existing TETRA network and radio relay system.