Programme Operator:  Innovation Norway
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 Total grant amount:  480 000  Euro
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Why is the programme needed?

The overall objectives of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism are  to contribute to the reduction of economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area and strengthen the bilateral relations between Norway and the beneficiary states.  The Fund for Decent Work and Tripartite Dialogue focuses on ways to promote the decent work agenda, foster the tripartite dialogue and increase the bilateral cooperation with Norwegian partners. By improving this dialogue, social partners in each country will better contribute to a more sustainable economic and social development.


What will the programme achieve?

The overall Objective of the Programme is to promote the social dialogue on decent work issues and improve tripartite cooperation between employers’ organisations, trade unions and public authorities in supporting equitable and sustainable economic and social development. There is an on-going bipartite dialogue in the Beneficiary States, but in some countries only a more hesitating tripartite dialogue involving public authorities. In many of the targeted countries, there is a lack of “demand-side pull”; either from social partners or the government. Where one or both sides are unable to represent the worker or employer constituency in a satisfactory way, effective bipartite or tripartite dialogue will not take place.  The Programme will strengthen this dialogue. There are two set outcomes: Improved social dialogue and tripartite dialogue structures and practices, and enhanced understanding of the benefits of decent work


How will it be achieved?

-      Workshops.

-      Promotion of international/Nordic/Norwegian labour standards.

-      Study visits to/from Norway/beneficiary states.

-      Preparing manuals and undertaking training workshops.

-      Studies.

-      Information work through different media.


How will bilateral relations be strengthened?

28 out of 48 projects are to be implemented through individual signed partnership agreements with Norwegian entities. Events (conferences, trainings, round tables) to discuss Nordic/Norwegian experiences and to strengthen personal ties are planned.  Initial bilateral practical workshops in most states will kick off most projects and ensure that emphasis is put on promotion of bilateral issues.


What are the partnership opportunities? 
The program is well suited for bilateral partnership. Norwegian partners will assist in

-      Organising study visits to Norway.

-      Presenting Norwegian experiences and Best Practices in meetings.

-      Providing contact with other Norwegian social partner, public institutions and entities.


Who can apply for funding under this programme?

According to the set “Rules and Procedures for the project applicants” the following entities are eligible for support from the Fund:

a) social partners (organisations representing employers and employees);

b) public authorities that have statutory roles related to decent work or

tripartite cooperation, and

c) organisations of public authorities that have within their mandate the

promotion of decent work or tripartite dialogue, that are constituted as a legal entity in a Beneficiary State or in Norway.