Information on predefined initiatives in the field of nuclear decomissioning

With a view of promoting the development of partnership initiatives and exchanges and increased learning and interaction between Bulgarian eligible applicants and Donor State counterpart entities in areas of strategic importance where specific mutual interest, common concern and concrete cooperation opportunities have been identified, the FBRNL provides support for partnership projects prepared on the basis of: established partnership between eligible Bulgarian and donor state entities with key responsibilities in the area of nuclear facilities decommissioning, identified and agreed clear project ideas, relevant to the objectives of the EEA FM and NFM, incl. activities, participants, budget, outputs and results.



To support the exchange of good practices, experience and knowledge between Bulgarian and Norwegian authorities in the field of decommissioning, related but not limited to:

-              Decommissioning of nuclear facilities – regulatory basis, research and development efforts, gaps in current practices, key areas for future interventions;

-              Nuclear and radiation safety - solutions and the way forward to contributing to a sustainable improvement to the level of nuclear safety.;

-              Preparation of recommendations and guidelines for decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

Guidelines for applicants Download file
Annex 1 - Project proposal Download file
Annex 2 - Budget Download file
Annex 3.1 - Partnership agreement Download file
Annex 3.2 - Declaration by the donor-state partner Download file
Annex 4 - Declaration of the applicant Download file
Annex 5.1 - CV in Bulgarian Download file
Annex 5.2 - CV in English Download file
Annex 6 - Project Implementation Agreement Download file
Annex 4 to the PIA - Financial Identification Form Download file
Annex 5 to the PIA - Declaration of VAT status Download file
Annex 6 to the PIA - Request for reimbursement Download file
Anex 7 to the PIA - Interim Narrative Report Download file
Annex 8 to the PIA - Final Narrative Report Download file
Annex 9 to the PIA - Interim financial report Download file
Annex 10 to the PIA - Final financial report Download file
Annex 11.1 to the PIA - Declaration for lack of double financing Download file
Annex 11.2 to the PIA Declaration for lack of double financing (in English) Download file
Annex 12.1 to the PIA - Timesheet in Bulgarian Download file
Annex 12.2 to the PIA Timesheet in English Download file