Today a formal ceremony gave start of the activities under project "Conservation, restauration and socialization of the Tracian tumulus "Helvecia" and "Griphons", as part of the Cultural heritage and contemporary arts programme.

The total funding for the project is close to 1,5 million Euro and the deadline for project works is 30.04.2017. The Tracian tumulus "Helvecia", "Gryphons" and "Shushmanec" are dated to 4th century B.C. They are located 100-150 meters away from each other and form a unique complex, part of the Bulgarian and world cultural heritage. Kazanluk municipality has already sent its application for the inclusion of the tumulus complex in the UNESCO list. 

Discovered 20 years ago, "Helvecia" and "Gryphons" suffer the effects of climate - mold, moisture, etc. The lack of restauration or conservation activities leads to risks of ruination. The method that is to be used aims a natural mix of reconstruction with the current environment. The activities will be constantly monitored by a team of archeologists from the History Museum in Kazanluk, together with scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Science.